Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Roof Finished

I wonder how long it will be until we can see our new pink roof from google earth? (instead of the white one with the black garbage bag on the hole in the roof from spring until yesterday)

The roofers finished the roof. Dear husband has been picking up nails with his high powered magnet. The roofers also paint, so painting prep commenced today, also. And we pointed to a light gray shade to go with the gray brick.

The pollen count is so high that we are all sneezing.

Bob was not convinced that the roofer-painters would do the best prep work before painting, so he rented a pressure sprayer, and will do it himself. Bob says that if the proper prep work is not done, then the paint will peel within a few years.

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Bob said...

Tony's a hard worker and a nice guy, but he'd slap paint on wet wood if we let him. Pressure cleaning the house before he comes back on Monday is the best way to assure the job's done right.