Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fifteen Grain Bread

My dear husband likes plain white bread. I like heavy-duty, old-fashioned, the more-grains-the better bread. Nine grain is okay, and twelve grain has been my favorite for years. But when Pepperidge Farm upped the ante with fifteen grain, I just had to try it. Dear Husband has suggested that I purchase one of those bird seed cakes that come with a little bell. He read the ingredients on the fifteen grain sack---they cheat by mentioning sunflower seeds. And flax seeds. Seeds are seeds, and grains are different. Grains are oats and wheat and barley. I say the more fiber the better. If they came out with forty-grain bread, I would buy it.

Fifteen grain bread is nice and dry and it soaks up the mustard.
Fifteen grain bread is so dry that it soaks up the horseradish.
Fifteen grain bread is so full of fiber that you can skip a day taking Metamucil capsules.


Bob said...

It's wheat of you to write about my rye (yet barley-intelligible) humor. Sometimes I can be millet-antly corn-ball. Yet you rice to the occasion and laugh at my lousy jokes.

Anonymous said...

When we come back I will have to try that bread. It sounds good. Here we are just lucky if we can find anything that is not white. As a family we like wheat bread so maybe we will enjoy that new bread!
--Your far out neice