Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Pressure Sprayer is Bob's Friend

My dear husband is having so much fun with the water pressure spayer. The house is now super ready to paint. And the green algae is gone from the bricks, and the patio bricks are gray again instead of black. Whoa. What a difference a little water at high pressure makes. (Sorry, to you folks in the path of IKE)

I have only had to mop water in the garage by the side door, but water comes in that door easily whenever we get a storm from the west. So, I usually have towels down there at the ready, anyway.

The house looks so clean. No more cobwebs. No more spider duplexes. No more grime and dirt and dust. Dust is somehow able to stick to surfaces the sun never shines. Maybe humidity clings there, and then dust adheres, but its been years and years since Bob painted the outside.

Bob is completely soaked. He says he is not sweaty---in fact he says he is almost cold, as the temps are 90 degrees, but he is all wet. That man needs a pressure sprayer for his birthday. I am surprised he has not run out of gasoline yet. Two hours of a lawn-mower like engine. Amazing.

And middle son made it back to Fort Lost In the Woods in just nine hours ! Yea !

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jennifer said...

I posted pics of my husband and his father on the roof of our old house with the pressure washer.

I did not post the pics of my husband pretending to pee, using the pressure washer. I don't mind it when 'boys will be boys'... when our house gets nice and sparkly!

We put our house on the market. Say a prayer that it sells soon!