Sunday, October 25, 2009


Brownies in the oven. Dark chocolate brownies. A lot darker than this font lets me get. I have been hungry for chocolate. And even though we ventured into two Walmarts today...we were on a quest for more rye seed. Bob mowed the backyard super short, and prepared it for rye. When purchasing rye seed from Walmart, you can slip into the plant department, scout your seed, and pay right there and slip out that same outside door. The plants included pansies and roses and some autumn mums, but the space is quickly giving way for Christmas trees and assembled bikes.

Yes, this year we are smooshing Halloween with Christmas. Do all your Halloween and Christmas shopping in one trip if necessary. The Christmas trees come already loaded with lights, and they have cute three footers in purple, and pink. Because nothing says Christmas better than a pink or purple Christmas tree, right? Maybe for a little girl's room???

Last year, the rage was black Christmas trees. I guess the goths and such were able to celebrate in style, too.

Bob finished his six week series on the subject of Worship. While I enjoy having him be my Sunday School will be nice to be able to talk on Saturdays for a while. And know that whatever I do will not become an illustration. It is a series he can continue with no problem. I think he has barely scratched the surface. I think it would be interesting to look at major characters in the Bible and see what worship looked like for them. Elizabeth and Mary, for example, Elizabeth six months along, maybe seven, and Mary, newly conceived by the Holy Spirit...they sang, they danced, they hugged, baby John the Baptizer leaped in his mother's womb, and they prophesied...THEY WORSHIPPED. Right there. Right then. And all Zacharia could do was look on. Struck mute by the angel Gabriel. I still marvel at how Zacharia had to do all his wooing without talking.

Pastor Mark Driscoll taught the passage in Luke, and he seemed to think that Elizabeth would be glad to enjoy a mute husband. Sad. I don't think so. I know there are no accidents with the Lord, but I enjoy my husband's conversation, observations, and literal witty remarks. He is always right, of course, and we are all the wiser for it.

Time to check on the brownies. And the weather map. Areas just east of here, the weatherman said would get four inches of rain tonight. A cold front approaches.

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Lisa said...

Mary has a little pink flocked Christmas tree for her bedroom. When I bought it, I said it was so spectacularly tacky that I had to have it for her. I also bought a silver tinsel tree for the boys' cowboy room. I'm looking forward to Christmas in the new house this year.