Saturday, October 24, 2009

On a Sunny Saturday Morning

I don't know how much longer---we take it one Friday at a time. But, for the last few months, three or four, Ben has gone with us to Cracker Barrel on Friday nights as he likes their Friday night catfish fry. Ben has only missed one Friday, in weeks and weeks. It has been fun. Fun to touch base with our youngest. Fun to hear his stories. Fun to listen to his observations installing solar panels on roofs. It was an exciting day when they installed their first windmill, and a photovotaic system, too.

Some Fridays he does not say much, but he allows us to hug him goodbye. And that supper together is sometimes all he can stand of us. Or, he may venture out with us on a Saturday for lunch or Sunday after church to Carrabbas. He likes their lobster raveolli. Whereas Bob and I will split a veal piccatta--all that lemony goodness smeared on top of garlic mashed potatoes. And filled up with their delicious hot bread dipped in olive oil. I like the crusts. Bob likes the soft sections. So betwix the two of us, we lick the platter clean.

Lately, we have been enjoying the same waitress, Lisa. Lisa was the first to notice that we were "regulars" on Friday night. And she treats us well. And so we tip her well. Last week we learned that Lisa is seven months along. She had to tell us, as her apron hid it well. This week we learned that Lisa is our firstborn's age, and that her first baby died. She is excited about this baby, and has a younger sister Ben's age who is pregnant, too. I think Lisa would like us to adopt her. Ben did not know what to think of the growing familiarity. I think Ben would rather have a girlfriend than a sister.

Ben has a tender spot for cats. He has two he adopted that keep themselves entertained in his apartment. He said he almost brought home another yesterday, as it hopped in the work truck after he spoke kindly to it, and petted it. Curious kitty? Or, one with a good personality? I think a cat's personality is more important that its color or markings. (just my opinion)

Like I said, I don't know how much longer Ben will hang out with us on Friday nights. It is an opportunity to let him know we love him, and maybe encourage him. And hear about his adventures. Sounds like he keeps his guardian angel working overtime.

And it must be some rite of manhood to wait and tell your mom how you were sick or how you got a penicillin shot all by yourself. after. He does not need me anymore, and that is how it should be. But, I like to warn prospective parents---like a couple at church who married late, that kids grow up fast. We were hands on parents 24/7 from 1981 to 2008 when the last one flew the next. Just twenty-seven years, with three boys. If you only had one child, and they stayed home for college and attended a local one, you'd only have twenty-two years. Twenty-two years to instill love of God, country, and their fellow man. Twenty-two years to nourish, guide, protect and launch upon the world a productive, independent human being ready to be a husband, father, and co-worker. Just 22 years. If they hang around longer than that, the rest is gravy---getting to enjoy your handywork or marvel at how God helped them grow up in spite of you. ha.

Bob and I were married for three years before God blessed us with children. And then there were four years before that middle son came along. And next Tuesday, the baby turns 22. He has been out on his own paying his own rent, for almost three years now. I'll never forget the dates, because Ben left home the same week the grandchild was born. So, now Bob and I are in a new phase---the empty nest phase. The waiting around for phone calls, and being available for visits phase.

We figured out how to run the remote. And have been amazed at all the crime shows. CSI they are called. CSI in every major city on almost each night of the week on TV. You'd think they'd have run out of criminals by now! The hospital dramas and trauma dramas are too much. But, the mystery show, Flashforward, has caught our attention. Well written, and thought provoking. At first, we marveled at how God was getting the planet ready for the rapture. When the rapture finally happens, most will think it is just a TV show or movie stunt. During the Flashforward shows, they tease about another sci-fy coming in November, "V" with the gal from Serenity. Same shots of the cities, and same shot of the statue in Brazil in both Flashforward and "V". Only in one, the statue is destroyed. Funny.

ABC has the Flashforward episodes available so you can re-watch them and look for clues and see stuff you missed. Fun. Irritating ads count down between segments, and you have to click to restart, but it gives you time to get a drink of water, go to the bathroom, throw another load in, and restart at your leisure. Sadly, the ads are at a much louder decibel than the show, so you have to sit on the volume control or blast your speakers. I have not figured out the remote for that yet.

Bob was chuckling to himself this morning---that means a new, and funny post is incubating. Can't wait to see whatall he is gonna post.

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