Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

We have had so much rain, that surely, surely all the lakes are full now.

I just hope it does not wash away our rye seed.

And yesterday, I took the coupon I received in the mail and went to a hair cutting place called, Great Clips, and got a good haircut for $11 including the $5 tip! I cannot figure out what Great Clips usually charges. I googled it, but it is a mystery. The lady who cut my hair was a little rough. Oh, well. I am a big girl. But, she followed my directions. And did a great job. Usually, I have to come home and fix the bangs or trim more around the ears, or I come home so chop cropped that I don't need another haircut for three months.

Great Clips has a natical theme. The booths are separated by sails anchored to the walls. From pictures on the walls, they are family friendly. Will I go back? If I get another coupon.

I love reading that our troops are bored in Iraq. One of the military bloggers even linked to a newspaper online article about the different ways the guys and gals use their time to take calculus or join a book club. Most are busy filling containers to bring stuff home.

Our troops WON in Iraq. Shout it from the rooftops. Our troops were and continue to be successful. They are amazing. Sadly, some are depressed because there is not enough to do, and they feel under-utilized. And this deployment is so boring compared to previous ones. As a mom, bored it good. Helps develop imagination. My sister believed that a bored son was a dangerous one, and would help them find something to keep them out of trouble. I remember giving my sons suggestions, but they seemed to keep themselves occupied. My Mom would give us work to do--so it was dangerous to tell her you were bored.

More later...cooling down after yardwork. Cut down some shrubs to let the more pleasing Nandina have more room. Even though it is in the fifties outside, I worked up a sweat. And filled that trash bag from leaves gathered by the front door, too. This time of year, a north wind forces leaves to pile up by the door, and then we track them in. Such a sense of accomplishment---but, such a drop in the bucket in whatall needs doing in the backyard as the shrubs are way overgrown. I like a hedge that blocks the view of the neighbors backyard. But, these have become vine infested.

And the front yard needs weeding in a very big way. Thankfully, after all the good rains, the weeds come up without much of a yank.

Now, do I get the award for most boring blog? ha

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Bag Blog said...

It is funny that the Media is not saying much on the victory in Iraq.

Jesse often says "only boring people get bored." Meaning that you can always find something to do or some fun to have. Me, I'm boring.