Friday, October 2, 2009


A wonderful cool front came through last night and we got a nice shower plus were able to open the windows. That is so nice. Everything is so green and pretty. Someday, the jungle of shrubs along the back fence will need to be trimmed. I like the solid green wall, but to encourage the nadina, the wild shrubs need cut back.

Wasn't it so nice of our president to meet with General McCrystal for 25 minutes aboard Air Force One in Copenhagen?? Did he meet with him because of growing criticism? Did obama waste the general's time admonishing him not to speak of their visit, nor his being chewed out for revealing how little obama cares about our troops? We may never know what was said there. Rumor is, obama does not want to listen to the General because he does not like what the General must say. Does it give our troops comfort to know that obama spent time and effort and 'sacrifice' (gag---michelle's words) to travel to Copenhagen to push for the Olympics (which half of Chicago does NOT want) and gave General McC 25 minutes. That is not even a minute for each soldier who has died since August when obama asked for the report.

May the blood of each soldier that has died in Afghanistan, Iraq and now two in the Philippines be on the heads of all those who voted for obama.

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Mrs. JP said...

hey,,,I'm late reading your post but wanted to say Amen!
As a military mom I must comfort myself that God used even Pharaoh. I pray the prayer that never fails "Your will be done." And He gives me " peace that passes all understanding."