Monday, October 12, 2009

Is the Sun Shining Somewhere?

Hey, there are years when we pray for rain. In church. When we hunt for hidden sin because drought means grass fires, and wildfires, and burnt out houses and danger. There are places north and west where the fire has been known to skip on top of the mesquite trees.

This year however, we have been blessed with plenty of rain. Wow. Things are green and lush, and dripping. The top of the van is molding!

Even August saw nicely spaced rain, so that much mowing was needed. Then September---whoa howdy. rain. rain. heavy rain. gentle rain. misty rain. stealthy rain. clouds come down. drizzle. darkness. gray clouds.

Is the sun shining somewhere? Are we getting someone's share? Is the drought over? Are the burn bans gone?

I have the bags of rye seed ready, but it would be nice if Bob could mow out front one more time. Because once the rye seed goes down, any mowing would suck up the new seed. Rye seed gives us the green yard all winter we only dream of having in the summertime.

And I scored at Walmart today. Walmart has decided to smoosh Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all together. So, I found those Christmas light bulbs we were needing. We wash the front of the house with blue lights at night, and had run low on them to the point that we could not replace any that went out. But, now we are set. And I'd like to change over to amber light. Makes a warmer night light all night, and the amber colored house honors our newest daughter-in-law, and is more of a fall color.

And what a change---we have gone from needing the AC everyday, and taking two showers a day, to having to CLOSE the windows. We had been sleeping with the AC off and the windows open at night. But, temps in the fifties---whew. Feels. great. Feels like the garage is air-conditioned. nice.

Even wandering through Walmart was pleasant. They keep it so hot in there during the summer that I can only last about half an hour before I am sweating so bad I am ready to go home.

Restocked my yarn supply---from Joanne's and from Michaels. I am set. I had been knitting off the sad color selection from Walmart. Joanne has rich colors. and Michael's has the soft ecru I like.

But, it was Columbus Day, and a lot of the schools were out. And little kids were shopping with their folks because it is raining again. A lot of moms were having to herd children, and say no to the myriad of goodies right in their faces. And are we in a ressession? Halloween seems to be very big business. Empty stores---have been taken over by all things Halloween. That box store that has been empty for months, is now a big Halloween draw. There was not an empty parking place. wow Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I am going to give out boring old pencils again this year. And if we don't feel like "playing" then we will turn off the lights early. And I will give the Halloween pencils to the school.


jennifer said...

The Goody's that went out of business is a Halloween Super Store. I don't think I will be shopping there though.

I'm ready for a little cool air in the South. And we had rain today too.

Bob said...

Good things happen on Columbus Day (or so I hear).

joyce said...

yes, we met 32 years ago!!!

an officer with no socks

caught unawares?

your spur of the moment trip to Houston with Dave.

you did not realize you life was about to change...