Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Last night at supper, I figured we needed more veggies in our diet, so I added half a bag of frozen baby lima beans to the bag of Bertolli. Bob said,"too bad James is not here to help us eat these limas".

James does not like lima beans. But, he would probably eat them all smothered with sauce a la Bertolli. I would not test him, though.

This morning, I made hard boiled eggs. Something nice and soft since I broke a tooth, but am headed to the dentist today at one o'clock. And Bob likes them. Eggs are SO cheap these days. I prefer Braum's eggs as they seem fresher. But, I had bought a dozen AA eggs at Tom Thumb as it was convenient, but I could tell they just were not as fresh, hence, good for hard boiling. Hard boiled eggs always make me think of James, too.

And along the foods we like and don't like theme, the other night, I smeared Vicks all over my hands before bed, and was revelling in how much I like the smell of Vicks, but Bob expressed his dislike. I asked him what else he does not like. He said, "rice crispy treats". He can't stand them. He does not like the smell of them nor the taste. He has declared them nasty. He said his mom made them for the family when he was little, but he never could eat them. He likes marshmallows, and he likes rice crispy cereal, plain and chocolate, but not combined. I used to buy the cute boxes of the stuff with chocolate and peanut butter layered and drizzled on them, as the boys liked them.

Bob likes almost every other food in the world. But, when he does not like something, he does not like it strongly. Amazing. I forget and ask if maybe he had a bad experience with them, like eating too much and burning out. But, no.

I did a roast in the oven on Sunday, as it was a coolish day. Small white potatoes, too---and it made great leftovers for Monday night, and my Tuesday brunch. So, a fourteen dollar roast fed us three meals. And heated up in the microwave nicely. I did not dry it out. Sometimes roasts are tricky. Resembling jerky.

The weatherman says we may see sunshine tomorrow. wow. Can't wait. And then another cold front. Fog this morning, but it is about all burnt off now. Fog in October reminds me of Ben's birthday. We walked through the fog to the hospital for Ben's birth.

More later....

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