Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rye seed equals green front yard soon!

After I gave Bob his every-other-week haircut, he mowed the front weeds and raked, and planted the rye seed. Then I watered it in, to help it stick, and hopefully, germinate. Our front yard then looks greener in winter than we can get the weeds to look in summer under the shady oaks.

A grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, along with celery, and frozen cherries for fruit. And now I have oatmeal cookies in the oven. I add lots and lots of spices. And one more egg and one more cup of oats than the recipe on the lid calls for. And only brown sugar. It is the only kind we use anymore now that the boys are flown the nest, not that they were big sugar eaters except maybe on cereal occasionally. or in tea.

It is a beautiful fall day. Just gorgeous outside---October in Texas is the best. Our lowest temps since April tonight are predicted...into the forties we dip...why, we may have to close the windows or add another blanket to the bed.

Maybe I need to sit outside and knit a while...and watch the cute neighbors' kitties ambush each other and catch grasshoppers. We have given the neighbors' cats names so as to identify them amongst ourselves. I have not seen Patches in a while. She was the grand momma of many a litter. Catwoman has the most awesome gray cape on her back with aurora borealos type swirls, and the yellow and white kitty has the same swirls pattern, only in yellow. The neighbors have a kitty that is all white except for a black tail and a black mustache. Hitler, or Charlie Chaplin is the name we have dubbed him. The newest tiger striped kitty that is the same age/size/litter mate to the yellow swirls---what to call him? And Yellow Swirls? He is a good hunter. Tiger stripes. purrs if you pick him up. And lays at your feet or wants inside to explore if you let him. Great personality. I think a good personality in a cat is much more important than the color or markings.


Mrs. JP said...

Green yard in winter sounds good. Maybe we'll jump on the rye seed wagon with you!
What are you knitting? Does brown sugar do well in breads and cakes - do you sub equal amounts?

joyce said...

Dear Mrs. JP:

Last year we seeded twice, as the first bag of seed seemed washed away in a gully washer. But, clumps of it came up along with the new bag. It was the greenest front yard in winter we have ever had.

Yes, I use brown sugar for everything. My cookies yesterday were very moist and crumbly, so I think they needed more flour.

I like to knit dishrags. It only takes one hour, and I can knit without looking or much counting. Just yarn over each row to increase, and then knit two together decreasing.

The color of the yarn really does something for me. The creamier, the better.

Mrs. JP said...

OH, I love those dish rags. I can't knit but I crocheted myself one just a couple weeks ago.
I'm gonna try to switch over to brown sugar more.
Have a blessed day!