Friday, October 30, 2009


Microwave popcorn is supposidly bad for you now. The grease vaporizing is not good for your lungs. And I have not found any that tastes very good. So, today, I got down on my hands and knees and peered into the cupboard with the flashlight. Found an old sippy cup...full of some kind of liquid. Threw that in the trash. Wonder what little bitty hid it there and how many moons ago?

I found our old popcorn popper. It rotates 1/4 cup of corn in a circle of hot air. Warms up the kitchen, too! Scrubbed it with a soapy brush, and ran the plastic top through the dishwasher. And purchased some popcorn kernels at Walmart. And the old popper still works!! I wonder if this is the original popcorn popper we received 32 years ago for our wedding?? It was a re-gifting from Bob's cousin Bill and his bride. We found a card at the bottom from Karen at we all attended. Hey, I re-gifted, too---for the year we got married, it was the twelve sets of placemats...

Popcorn makes me think of my dear Grandpa. He lived to be over 99 years old. He used to grow popcorn on a special acre. Most was donated for a charity. But, once a year, the UPS man would pull up and and lug in a huge box. It was usually very heavy. I did not have the heart to tell him what it was. I appreciated him hauling it inside!

Some of my favorite pictures are of the boys chowing down on the front patio from huge bowls of popcorn.

A little butter, and lots of honey...what is your favorite popcorn topping?

My Mother used to make popcorn balls to give out at Halloween. Wow. I see them in boxes at Walmart. But, it would not be considered safe these days. I have one hundred pencils at the ready.

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