Friday, October 16, 2009

The Friday Report

We played Scrabble last night while trying to watch the new series with the guy who played Luther. I kept rubbing my jaw. I wonder why the jaw bone above the new temporary crown is so sore? I know. I am just a big baby. But, I am still afraid to eat the raw almonds and milk duds. Maybe I can whirl the almonds in the blender and make almond paste? Hummm...

The whole premise of the new series is that everyone mysterious blacked out for a time, and when they came to, they saw whatall is gonna happen six months from now. Some did not like what they saw. And the mystery the dectectives are trying to solve make it interesting. And then there is this ad for a V for Visitors program coming up that pops into the program and ads but sometimes without much information. It is fun to see all the actors and actresses from the Serenity movie holding down new jobs. Have not seen the red heads yet.

And we have not been watching TV much if at all the last ten years or so. What is with all the CSI movies? CSI Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Los Angeles...with perfectly coffed and perfectly dressed folks in fancy lighting and using high tech software to solve crimes. And they are all on different nights. And they show such graphic things during the autopsies. I wonder what our old friend who was a autopsy doctor thinks of the show. They were rumaging around inside this guy's skull last night to pop out his eyes...and of course he had some eye condition which made it hard to see. And it was the little boy who dipped his fries in grape jelly that touched a bullet casing that solved the case. Right. What little kid dips his fries in grape jelly?

So cute to hear on the phone that our granddaughter enjoyed her first double feature. (Toy Story 3D) I don't remember ever going to a double feature. But, maybe, when I was a little kid and we drove to the drive-in theater, maybe that was a double feature.

It sure is nice to enjoy the sunshine today. And I love having all the windows open. Where are the doves? And the sparrows? And the cardinals? Its been pretty quiet at the bird feeder today.

update: bedtime: sadly, Ben did not eat supper with us. The first Friday in two or three months when he did not. He was driving back from a job in Longview, and sounded like he wanted to do it another time. Bob and I went to Crackerbarrel. Lisa was our waitress again. The trout was a little dry, as was Bob's chicken fried steak, but the dressing was moist and the green beans good. Half a trout, and two veggies and I am stuffed. My grandma would laugh to hear stuffing called a veggie. But, then, at Cracker Barrel, baked apples are on the veggies side list.

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Bob said...

It was a beautiful day, but the best is yet to come -- tonight the temperature may dip into the forties. First time since April!