Friday, October 2, 2009

What is it about some people?

I am a Christian. I was taught that our feelings should be suspect. Thought and reason and Biblical principles should check feelings.

That being said, what is it about some people? I don't believe in "vibes" but some people have that special quality that makes you pause, and wonder about them. It is like they put you completely at ease. It is like you are butter, and you could just melt.

I don't think they always know they have this power or affect. Some are old, some are young. It is just the way they are. I think. And they touch you in a special place in your mind that makes you want to linger. Marvel. Ponder.

I remember the first time I encountered such a person. I was in high school, working in an orthodontist's office. There was this mom who was simply there to bring her child in for his appointment. And as she stood at the counter to write her check, to pay, I noticed she had this aura about her. Without physical touch, these people just exude calm. Peace. It is not their look, nor their speech. There is just something hard to explain about their presence.

Now that I have wierded you out, know that I am writing this more for me than for you. I hope it is Christ I am sensing. I want to believe that when we meet our Savior face to face, there will be calm. Peace. A supernatural and special comfort will come over us as we behold our Creator, and melt into His Peace. I think that is what this is---love bouncing back, and a little taste of heaven. Maybe I am wrong. Some may prefer the higher, more excited emotions when they see Jesus. Some may prefer louder exclamations seen at sports venues. I hate to use the word, magic, but I think Jesus is the Master Magician, with a wonderful sense of humor, and since He died on the cross to pay for all our sins, sin will no longer be an issue. Without a glance, there will not be the guilt, or shame for our failures and unmet potential. Rewards for things done for Him, in His power, and by His direction will be laid at His feet.

Maybe we will all have it in heaven. Maybe angels have it now. I don't know. Whenever an angel speaks, he starts with, "Don't be afraid..." so it is not something we can sense now. We humans are easily startled creatures. But, have you ever known someone or many who had this unique gift to put you at ease? Was it something you sensed about them right away? Did they even know they had this talent or power? Is it something that comes and goes and something you have to be in a good place to feel?

It is not something I want to elevate to an idol status. But, it is fun to be suprised by such joy. And wonder if this is what it was like for Mary when she sat at Jesus' feet. And once Jesus spoke to Martha, and pointed out to her what really mattered, was she able to relax and sense it, too?

When Peter betrayed Jesus, after denying Him that third time, even though Jesus had warned him it would happen, all Jesus had to do was look at Peter, the Bible says. And Peter wept bitter tears. After Jesus arose from the dead, He had a conversation with Peter by the beach, at the fish cookout, and challenged him with questions and commands and purpose to feed my sheep. Make disciples. We are commanded to go tell---to everyone and to the ends of the earth. And while God uses all kinds, and "not many mighty..." every once in a while, there is this pause, this feeling---and while feelings don't sustain us, and while we do not ride on our feelings, for they ebb and flow, we are thankful for all kinds of people God sends to our door, all kinds of helpers, and comforters, and wise counselors. We are thankful for the cooler weather, the rain, the green, the frolicking kittens, the sweet freedom from want, and fear.

And I am thankful for the handful of ones with the healing presence. The Balm of Gilead. The mystical, ellusive, yet special arresting feeling and pray God help me stop and marvel at the miracles: the newborns, the toddler's smile, the shriek of glee in one almost three, the shy smiles and gifts of the little guy next door, and in the one some consider to be of lower IQ, and that mom long ago---who stood at the counter where I worked, and awakened my senses to something marvelous called Peace.


Bag Blog said...

When Mary visited Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting the baby leaped for joy in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. When we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, we recognize the Spirit in others.

joyce said...

Thanks, Bag Blog. I agree.

Have you ever been around another Christian, though, that thoroughly drained you? I know this one lady that used to live in our city, and though she was a teacher, her questions would wear me out.

Then there are other Christians, that just shine with energy, and joy and peace. I hope I am a joy to others, and not the draining kind. ha

Bag Blog said...

They will know us by our love for the brethren. Patience, forebearing, loving kindness, mercy, etc, these are the things we must show for one another so others will see Christ in us. Sometimes those things are harder with some than others. Like you, I want to show forth joy and peace to others.