Tuesday, February 1, 2011

May be the last post until our weather event is over

They are calling it a weather emergency.

Rain started last night, but ice started pelting the window at 3am, and Bob spent a lot of time scraping ice off the windshield before he left this morning. I wonder if the train is running.

The temperature is at 20 degrees, but it is dropping every minute. Once the ice moves east, there is snow. This storm just barreled down from Montana. I think all the schools closed just to be safe, which is smart. Wind chill below zero, as the wind is brisk.

The Super Bowl parties at the hotels in Fort Worth and Dallas will be fine, but getting to them treacherous. And this yucky storm is typical for the Stock Show in Fort Worth, but they have enjoyed some spring like days, and record attendance.

Good news---the Army wife I follow on facebook made it out of Cairo! yay. Her husband works at the embassy there, and is trying to help other families get their pets out. wow She posted that the police station was overrun, guns stolen, and the Walmart-type store, looted and burned.

DFW airport is closed.

In case we lose power because of the ice---

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