Saturday, February 26, 2011

1717 week-a-versary

Jomona, the first Williamson Grandchild to Bob's parents---alerted us to a cool math site, WolframAlpha.

It is fun to play with the numbers. When I entered April 1, 1978 to today, it told me that we are on our 1717th week-a-versary.

When Bob and I were newlyweds, we used to celebrate every Saturday and calculate which week-a-versary we were on.

1717 is a fun number.

In 2015, August, we will celebrate our birth year number week-a-versaries.

Fun. Fun.

Something to look forward watching the odometer roll over 100,000 on the car. eh?

and over 12,0053 days means that surely, there have been over 12,000 kisses if we only kissed once a day, even counting times Bob was out of town. I like the sound of it: the year of 12,000 kisses. Sounds like a movie title.

But, that also means 12,000 suppers, 12,000 "I Love you mores..." 12,000 back scratches...

I think I will go calculate something with 100,000 in it...

on June 21, 2012, Amber's birthday next year, we will celebrate 300,000 hours married---so if we were a car, Bob said we'd be headed back from the moon. (traveling one mile per hour)

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