Friday, February 25, 2011

Live Webcam: Eyjafjallajokull

I just love clicking on live webcams from around the world. I used to have a wonderful one of Mount Saint Helens. Then my computer decided it did not like pop up windows or something. boo.

In reconstructing favorites, I found the cool live webcam of the volcano in Iceland. Sometimes it is just snow. Sometimes at night, though, you can see the northern lights reflect off the snow. It looks like such a wild and desolate place.

Now they have webcams so that you can check the driving conditions in Wichita Falls before venturing out. Halelujah. Wichita Falls is mostly high over passes which ice over in winter. Yuck.

Someday they will invent live webcams for grannies. Won't that be fun! One time we were skyping with our son who was tired and lay down on their couch, and his two or three year old kept piling toys on top of him. It was a hoot. We could see her the whole time, so we were watching her. If she wandered out of frame, we were going to call our son and wake him up. We have read books with her on skype. But, most days, we just enjoy her exuberant energy.

I watched a video the other day where these experts say babies only learn language from face to face encounters. not from TV nor video nor webcams. But, as a grannie, we are thankful for skype. And hey, if it cuts down on flu and colds, all the better!

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