Monday, February 14, 2011

The Stack Is Dead. Again.

My gateway computer stack thingy has been a problem. Early on it shut itself off, so we positioned a fan to keep it cool. okay in summer, but a pain in winter.

It crashed, and Bob was able to resurrect from an original something, which meant loss of favorites, but saving the pictures. Was I smart? Did I move the pictures to a disk or necklace drive? nope.

This time, it boots to a beginning part of the intro, then a blinking cursor.

So strange. What to do? Spend money getting diagnosed?

or just get a new stack and start over. The monitor is fine, the mouse and keyboard are fine.

So, Bob has graciously let me use his little lap top. Tee-tiny font. With a tee-tiny little box to center the arrow on before clicking, but, I am slowly learning. The laptop keyboard is very touchy. If I get sloppy and toggle one of the mystery buttons near the right shift key, all of a sudden, my screen is at 10 percent. or the cursor has left the premises.

Back in December, Bob had saved my favorites in a list I can access from email, but i miss the ones I had found since December. And if we were to need a computer to access the printer and scanner to do banking, we would be in trouble. And if we paid bills online, we'd be in trouble.

I have learned that computers are temporary. Computers crash. Computers are balky.

I don't play farmville or cityville. I use the computer as a newspaper---hunting and pecking for what is going on around the world, and thanks to facebook, keeping up with the news of family and friends.

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