Friday, February 4, 2011


Heavy Snow. We have not even seen it fall, as it started after midnight. It is like the snow has just appeared on the ground. I can see it falling if I look toward a streetlight.

We were suppose to get a dusting. No worries.

Then at 5:30pm they started making noises about inches. plural.

Then, while Bob is in the middle of a Colon Clean Out for a colonoscopy this morning scheduled for 7:15am...the weathermen admitted that a new, big, strange cloud had appeared out of nowhere to the south and that we'd be getting three and more inches.

Supposidly, this snow is just snow as it is still so cold. We are approaching 100 hours below freezing. They have revised the Superbowl forecast, too. For days, they have been saying that it would reach 55 degrees on Sunday afternoon. But, now, they are saying barely 48 degrees. wow

A huge storm...stretches down to Corpus Christie, and it is headed east. Kids have been home for four school again today.

The storm of the century.

Amazing. Friday morning.

two hours later: Bob has shoveled and swept the drive, and is taking a shower. Then we are off to the hospital for his procedure.

The TV coverage has been painful to watch. They all drove into work at the TV stations and their horror stories of spinning out, and having to creep along at 20mph but, warning the rest of us to stay home. okay.

Six inches of snow fell in Dallas, and some of the freeways are closed.

The weather angels are having fun with the silly super bowl worshippers.

And the PUC apologized...come to find out, there was no emergency, no need for rolling blackouts. yikes. Talk about calling lawsuits down upon their heads.

The TV folks must be catoring to the bedridden. They were showing how deep snow was piled on top of cars...something any one can see if they just peek out their windows this morning.

10:30am home again. And it is still SNOWING. wow. I usually don't drive on snow. I don't get out much. But, I had to drive Bob home from the procedure. Bob says the worst part it the cleanout the night before. They put him to sleep.

One little pollup and a few diverticulitus. Doc said he was good for three more years.

And yet another visit to the hospital where you never see anyone wash their hands. Maybe they do that in the back somewhere. Not before the IV nor before taking out the IV. There is not even a sink in recovery nor prep. lovely.

Bob has had some cereal, and says pizza is sounding good.

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Bag Blog said...

I'm hoping for a bit of a warm up today. If you are in Lawton this week, I will come see the baby and you. I remembered to add the "and you," but you know how us grandmothers are about babies.