Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Stack Thingy

The gateway stack computer thingy quit. So, Bob ordered a new HP (Hewlet Packard) stack thingy. It came yesterday in a box weighing 22 pounds. A fed-ex lady brought it to the door. She came about 1pm. For the past 12 or so days, Bob has graciously let me use his laptop. I was glad for the access, but his font is so tiny. Even the little arrow things you click on were hard on my eyes.

So, I have been trying to figure out how to configure this new computer with a larger font. It is different for every page. Lovely.

And we spent four hours last night trying to get the webcam on the monitor wake up. You'd think the HP computer could access the HP monitor webcam. Four hours of talking to support via chat, it looks like it needs another cord. So, Bob took the cord off the printer and tried that, but it was getting close to midnight, so we gave up. Now the printer is lit as in powered, but I doubt I could print any cute pictures of the grandkids.

We need the webcam or we need to download the old one so that we can skype with the next generation.

I have lost count on how many computers we have had, and how many favorites lists I have lost. Now to reconstruct a favorites list. And reload pictures. Facebook makes it easy to reset your background with one of the baby pictures, but somehow, when I tried it this morning, all I get is Baby James' midsection. Oh, dear.

I pondered aloud what it would be like to buy a car like we buy computers: we'd still be sitting at the dealership wondering why the windshield wipers were not talking to the controls.

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