Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

We celebrated yesterday by going out to eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant.

Bob had taken off the last Monday to see James off, and help Amber get outa Dodge.

We so enjoyed getting to hold and play with two week old Baby James. At the two week visit, he was back over his birth weight: seven pounds eleven ounces.

At three weeks, he is so cute, and strong, and loves to eat. If his Momma could just strap him to her chest, he'd feed all day. Sleep a little, eat a little.

He has such a strong little neck and if his feet can push on something, he flips already. We are dog sitting their yorkie, Brody until tomorrow, when Amber drives back to Lawton. He is a cute little doggie. Seems everyone loves yorkies--when we walk him around the block, he is very popular. (especially with the ladies)

I enjoy going to Walmart or Target the day after Valentine's Day and buying those chocolate hearts at half price. Bob does not seem to care if we wait a day.


Bag Blog said...

I predict more trips to Lawton in your future.

joyce said...

you bet ! every excuse I can think of !!!