Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Once upon a time, an old K-mart closed. The lot and building were purchased by Walmart, and when the new Ballpark Stadium in Arlington was built, the Walmart started over with a spanking brand new building. And cute baseball lights on the corners. It was the newest, fanciest Walmart I had ever been to. Fancy.

Then this man decided to build a football stadium across the street. Rumors flew. Would the brand new Walmart be closed? Seemed a waste, as the area needed the store. And I am sure the workers appreciated the low cost of things they needed so close at hand.

But, Walmart is under attack by the snooty. I wish the snooty would actually visit a Walmart and see the number of ethnic groups holding down jobs there, as well as saving money there. Arlington only has another Walmart, way south, 30 minutes away from the Ballpark one if you are lucky in traffic. The closest one to the Ballpark Walmart is actually in Fort Worth---as far east Fort Worth as one can get. the Eastchase Walmart. There used to be one on 820, but it closed, and the Eastchase one is where all those customers have to travel.

The new Ballpark Walmart tried to be a good neighbor. They changed out half of the baseball lights and changed them to footballs.

Then the Super Bowl came to town. Snooty reporters looked down their nose at the Walmart. What kind of store would be "worthy" to be across the street from the Cowboy Stadium? A mall with a Neiman's? We have plenty of malls south.

The Walmart closed the day of the Super Bowl and allowed their parking lot to be media and security central. There is an old Jewish cemetery behind the Walmart, and an old Jewish synagog that has been bought out and changed into a tatoo parlor, then clubs. How come a Walmart is bad, but not a club?

Walmart makes a big effort to be clean. A cleaning crew has been at the Eastchase store for days now, changing out shelves, removing sticky labels, deep cleaning under shelves, checking stock and expiration dates. I have been impressed. Rumors are that a big wig is coming.

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