Thursday, February 24, 2011


I like to brouse blogs and some news sites, and the weather sites.

I like to arrange my favorites on the left column, in alphabetical order.

When the old computer crashed, I used a saved favorites list Bob had made for me back in December. It was outdated, but better than nothing.

In assembling a new favorites list, I have been hunting and pecking, stealing and cruising sites looking for old friends. Even this blog has some old favorites listed. Some are not there, but like Katherine Ham, I like to keep her in the list to remind me to hunt for her articles.

How do I save this new list? It represents a morning of work. And learning. I hit the wrong button on one place and there was no undo...yikes. The ads are horrid.

I am glad my email is on a site not connected to my computer. I never lost my ability to email since it was "out there" but the ads on it are pesky.

I need a tutorial on this new computer. something in book form so that I don't have to go back and forth between screens. So much of it is just hunting and pecking. One day I will figure out how to remove all the scroll bars. And someday I will figure out how to set the fonts and screen sizes. Someday.

Now to figure out how to get that cursor bigger, and the silly little upside down triangle. I will be glad when the folks who make computers have old eyes like mine. Then maybe, we will have decent sized things to click on.

I have 105 "favorites" which include the Drudge Report, and WBAP, The Onion, and some Army wives, a mom taking care of her disabled soldier, and a couple of people in Israel. Windows to the world. Recipes from Pioneer Woman, news from The Blaze and The B-cast. And a funny or two on strange listings or things children have gotten into. Fun. Fun


Mrs. JP said...

Ouch, losing your "Favs" is a bummer.

joyce said...

and I had lost yours ! but not anymore! gottcha. Thanks!