Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power, thus heat, but rolling blackouts

We experienced our first of the rolling blackouts this morning. The temps are having trouble climbing out of the teens today. It is suppose to get to 22 degrees, but I don't think it is gonna.

The blackouts only last fifteen minutes or so, so no biggie. During the last one, I turned off the furnace as per radio instructions, and took a nap. It got down to 62 degrees in here. (usually set at 68 degrees)

I sit here at the computer in a coat anyway, as the fan necessary to make the computer happy is a bit chilly in winter. Nice during a hot flash...but...

The sun is trying to peek out. Streets look dry, but Bob warned of lots of black ice in shady spots. Bob had a lot of trouble with the door locks on the plymouth. froze shut. I wondered if he was going to have to tie to door shut to drive to the train station.

WBAP reporting two gas powered plants had water main breaks. That is why the rolling blackouts. Mystery solved.

Here I am snowed in, and the little guy next door (second grade) brought over the Worlds Finest Chocolate for me to purchase to help his school. Too funny. I don't need the chocolate, but I was out. ha

So strange to see a sheet of ice on the inside of the window on the south side. The indirect sun (through the clouds) has burned almost all of it off now. But, according to records, our coldest Ground Hog Day was back in 1985. I think that is the year we lost some front bushes.

Thank you, Bob for chopping all the ice off the drive and walk and cleaning off the toyota. Temps may not get above freezing until Friday...but things will clean up better without the re-freezing of the walks and drive.

Better post this before we lose power.

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