Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Soft Creamy Colored Cotton Yarn

That trip to the yarn store (Michael's) paid off big time today ! They finally have the soft off-white-yellow-creamy colored yarn I had ordered and had been nagging them about for a month. (Sugar 'n Cream, Lily's brand) Yippeee !!!!!! I don't know why, but that color sings to my soul. And it looks like it will make some other colors look even warmer, and richer.

I have been carrying the label around in my wallet for months--color number 102001, soft ecru. (not to be confused with the more oatmeal colored plain old ecru)

And this is the first day of October. In just 27 days, our "baby" will be legal age. He has been out on his own for almost two years now, and doing fine.

Now I am going to go all political on you. Soap box at the ready: Is McCain insane? The calls are coming in 100 to one AGAINST the wall street bail out, and he does not get it?? We are a county of free enterprise, and whenever government gets involved in the banking industry and economy, they make things worse. Amazing. Yes, I will vote for McCain. I will hold my nose and take a barf bag because hopefully, he will choose a conservative supreme court judge. And I know he will be a great commander-in-chief of the military. (better than you-know-who)

Pelosi and the dims are delusional. They blame President Bush for everything and refuse to take responsibility for anything. And the media (MSM) cannot be objective to save their lives.

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