Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Badmouthing Toyota

Too bad Toyota has not noticed those alluring 10 minute oil change places all over town. Too bad. I know it can be done. I have been to those places. Twenty years ago, I would go by the Toyota dealership and pick up the oil filter, and shoot on over to the 10 minute place and get 'er done.

Toyota has decided we are too stupid to change our own oil or take it somewhere besides the dealership, so the "maintenance required" light comes on the minute you drive over 5,000 miles and it is time for an oil change. And even though they have sent you "coupon" for $35 for that needed oil change---just try getting out of there for less than a hundred. I dare you. At 35,000 they have decided you must do certain things or you void your warranty. And we would not want to do that. No.

I mentioned the tire pressure gauge for the spare tire again. Seems I mention it every time I go. I make sure they write it down, and then I ask again. And for some reason, I rated a car wash this time and they bent the heck out of my front personalized license plate. Thank you, Toyota. NOT. And Freeman Toyota on 820 has decided that keeping the bug and tar remover can in stock is beneath them. That is the second time I have asked for it. Silly me.

An hour to do an oil change. Having to sit in uncomfortible seats in a teeny waiting area and listen to horrid tv game shows for over an hour... puts me in a mood to badmouth Toyota. We were packed in the waiting area like sardeen such that when the lady to my left coughed, I felt the air on my arms move. They should be up front with you when you buy the car that you'd better fork over the 100 percent maintenance coverage package for $750.00 or they will gouge you every five thousand miles. We passed the $750 package at the fifteen thousand mile mark.

And why do you have to declare a coupon ahead of time?? Do they do subpar work because you are using a coupon? It should not matter. The work done to your car should be the same. It should not matter which dealership you use.

Toyota is a dependable car. There is an irritating whine from the front grill shaped like honeycombs. Too bad they screw you at the purchase point. Too bad they are not honest. Make sure you double check the hood. The Durant Toyota dealership left it open. Thankfully, it was heavy enough to stay down at 70 mph and not a windy day.

And make them open the hood when they say they are all done. I must have asked for the sloppiest mechanic today. Oil drips everywhere inside. What a mess. Cap off the battery terminal. And the windshield wiper fluid is not full. Freeman Toyota, you are losing me. Guess they were running low on windex and paper towels. Next time I need to mark the tires, and see if they actually rotate them. A sticker across the hubcap outa do it.

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