Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Twelve Hour Tour...

We left the house at 7am for Lawton. I remember changing the clock in the minivan at 7:10am.. as we were headed by the post office. We had a rendevous with James and Amber at their church. The 11 o'clock service. Bob remembered where the church was. It is a relatively new building with fancy cinderblock and brick work off Lee Blvd.

We drove through the McDonalds in Decatur, and made it to Wichita Falls for a gas and bathroom break. Then to James and Amber's apartment by 10:15am! It was fun taking them to their church. Then off to Mount Scott after church. I had been wanting to see the lookout after following a soldier who is in Iraq's blog. He used to ride his bike up there when training at Fort Sill. It is beautiful! And a perfect day. Windy up top, but not that we needed our jackets. A huge beavy of motorcycle enthusiasts where all lined up atop, smoking something super sweet. Coated in black leather, and kerchiefs on their heads, it looked like a Harley convention. You can see the phalanx of windmills stretching to the horizon. And the beautiful lakes and little recreational vehicle parks. James and Amber showed us the Holy City, and the Prairie Dog town being studied by the colleges on their cameras. They look like skittish squirrels.

Back to James and Amber's apartment for delicious pot roast in the crock pot. Potatoes, onions, carrots, and corn on the cob along with bread and muffins filled us to the brim. We would need no supper. It was so good to see them, and hear about their adventures.

Bob and I drove home by Duncan, Oklahoma. The roads are smoother, and the fields so green and beautiful from all the wonderful recent rains. My favorite was the purple grass. It grows in Oklahoma and Texas along the roadways. We saw lots of yellow trees. More reds and maroons around Mount Scott.

The trip home via Duncan and highway 81 seems longer because you stay in Oklahoma longer. The Wichita Falls route has more gas stations and eating establishments. But the Duncan route is prettier. And dumps you out at Bowie, Texas where there is a Walmart to stretch your legs. The clerk we chose was slower than molasses, hung over from too much Halloweening, I suspect. And our ice cream melted. But, I did get Bob to pick out a new wallet as his old one was falling apart. And of course, the new wallet set the door alarms ringing as we were leaving because Miss Molasses did not swipe it over her security thingy. Wish we had bought two. At $14.00 we would not have to do this again for a few years. I wanted to get Bob some more work pants, but picking out a wallet was too much. I found marroon yarn! cotton! Yippeee! Our Walmarts don't stock such variety. And my friend in Ennis had requested maroon dishrags as it is their high school's colors. I warned her that they will turn a load of white laundry pink, but she still said everyone was requesting them. Okay. I bought all Walmart in Bowie had. And navy! None of our Walmarts stock such exotic colors. I even drooled over a big spool, but those cones take forever to use up, and by then you are super tired of that varigated yarn. The cone spools fit on knitting machines, I have read.

Home via Braum's for more milk, then we called James and Amber to let them know we made it home safe as they requested, and we are eating popcorn before bed. With the time change, the sun went down about 6:30pm, and a bright moon appeared under Bob's nose. I tried to take a picture of the moon-booger near the Red River.

Talk about a Sunday drive.

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Mrs. JP said...

okay, thanks,,,now I've got the Gilligan song in my head!!!
I think when clerks forget to disarm items purchased and cause the alarm to sound is the pits!! There should be an announcement over the PA -This person did not steal anything and we humbly apologize for any embarrassment this caused. At which time I'd do my best bow and parade wave and leave the store.
It does sound like a wonderful Sunday drive :)