Saturday, November 7, 2009


When being attacked by a guy with a gun who is shooting at a whole crowd of people, how come everyone is told to get down and play dead? Why do you never hear of different ones throwing whatever is at hand at the shooter? Books, chairs, cell phones, backpacks... Why are we so nice?

Why do you hardly ever read about folks tripping the guy, or rushing him?

And why didn't this guy's superior notice something strange about him and his writings, and his loyalties?


Mrs. JP said...

Why are we so passive? Would this kind of thing happened back when guns were a legal side arm? No it wouldn't have because a coward only approaches unarmed/helpless people. This is an official burr under my saddle.

Mrs. JP said...

I should've mentioned that our family's thoughts and prayers go out to all those harmed by this outrage.