Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Re-arranging chairs on the Titanic

I am trying to utilize our space better. We will be taking more of James' stuff to him tomorrow, but I want to make the guest room inviting, and the other spare room neat and tidy. We have not turned on our furnace yet, and it is 68 degrees in here, but I am sweating. Dusting, and re-arranging, and covering ugliness...but I have come to a stopping place. And can't get up and down on the stepstool any more today. I still have a few trips to the little house to store good boxes, and a trip to the grocery store to do, and I think I will open the windows to cool off.

It is another beautiful day here in Texas. Azure blue skies, small breeze, green rye grass in the yard, and the trees are amost done dropping leaves. Raking leaves is a Thanksgiving thing here.

I learned today what a belly band is. Something new for pregnant ladies?? My friend in Ohio mentioned it, and I had to ask, and then look it up on google. It helps ladies use their pants for a few months by extending the button, and giving a t-shirt like cover under their regular shirts. I wonder if the trend started in Europe? Looks like a tube top. And what a fun way to dress up your outfits. When I was pregnant, the big man shop was my friend.

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Mrs. JP said...

I remember when I gave up on regular pants and got my first pair of pants with the panel in the front...Bliss!!
Thankful for you and yours.