Sunday, November 8, 2009


books have been written on the profile of a serial killer who acts in this horrid manner. Worth a read.

But, what came to mind---the same twisted mind looking for porn, goes deeper and deeper looking for more. And the obama's addictions to reverend wright---sucked in their propaganda to re-enforce what he desired to do.

Before the internet, these guys would have to get their radicalization directly from a mosque, which might have been easier to shut down or monitor. But, individuals that self-select, are searching on their own, and find websites to help them go deeper, and yet it all appears perfectly logical to them.

We want to know why. We want to know so that we can protect our own. But, as my husband Bob says, the seeds of the problem go back to the founding of islam. It is all right there in the Koran.

Screaming, "allah akbar" (God is great) means he thinks he was part of something great, superior, bigger. But, in reality, he was a social retard, unable to win a wife, and even if he got one, he would be abusive to make sure she conformed. As a society, islam is a total failure.

Two weeks ago, this guy would have been labeled, "moderate" and he voiced a problem of himself as a muslim killing other muslims. He saw no borders. In his mind, islam was above nation, oaths, job.

Many are born muslim because their parents were muslims or they live in a muslim country. They may never read the koran. They may only know islam from what they are told second or third hand. They may not even attend mosque or pray. Then there are the "moderates" who do attend and learn, but either are uncomfortable facing the radical parts, or they want to distance themselves. But, when moderates who are smart, articulate, search and follow their beliefs to their logical conclusion, they believe that they must kill all infidels. unbelievers.

So, what are our choices? Ban all muslims from the military? Keep infiltrating muslim websites to keep an eye on the radicals? Infiltrate the mosques? Put pressure on the mosques and muslims to police themselves?

As the article I linked to talks about, it is dangerous to declare them "crazy" because they they just get an insanity plea and are let go back into society. Or they recruit others like minded in jail---which is happening at an alarming rate.

As a nation, we need to define the problem as SPIRITUAL. We need to face the fact that our country was founded on Christian principles that go against radical islam. We need to lovingly, calmly explain the gospel to these people, but if the red flags appear---if a radical person spouts dangerous ideology, then I hope and pray his superiors have the COURAGE to drum him out and protect our own.

As a nation, in some sad "diversity" or "inclusive" political correctness push, we have labeled all religions as "bad" and divorced ourselves from the source. Islam believes in absolutes. So does Christianity. Islam is slavery. Christianity is freedom in Christ to love others. But love does not tolerate abuse. Love does not lay down and let radical serial killers shoot them in the back. Christianity embraces the Ten Commandments: one of which is THOU SHALT NOT MURDER. Christianity includes policemen and military who fight for freedom from tyranny and from islamic radicals seeking to kill us. Christianity is not weakness. Christianity is not milk toast. Christianity respects human life. . . the unborn, widows, orphans are special and cherished and protected under Christianity.

And many in our Christian nation call themselves Christians and are desperately seeking to work themselves into heaven, rejecting Jesus Christ as their Savior to their own peril. Many think they are Christians just because they were born into a Christian family or because they do good things. Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ---the One promised in the Old Testament, the One who came and fulfilled all the promises, and the One who died for all our sins, and offers us the gift of salvation when we believe in Him. That is eternal salvation. Our daily salvation includes learning, obeying, praying, singing praises to Jesus Christ our Savior. Being ready to protect the weak, the sick, the helpless, and encourage the discouraged. And Jesus gives us the power and motivation to do those things. His burden is light.

I wonder if hasan had any Christians try to come alongside him and encourage him that there was a better Way? Did anyone love him enough to warn him that his path was going to lead to some very difficult choices that if/when he acted on his radical beliefs would bring down a world of hurt? Did anyone point out the logical conclusion of islam? Or, were they too replused, too afraid to stick their neck out? Too afraid to warn him? And then, too afraid to voice their concerns?

And when these characters search the internet, can they find us? Can they find a better Way? Can they meet Jesus on our websites and know that Jesus wants them to be happy, and free of guilt and fear? Can they see that we are the ones with the answer? That we have peace and true freedom that does not harm others? Can they see that we serve a Risen Savior? Jesus loves us and has a plan for us. And Jesus is coming back to set everything right. And in the future, when Jesus comes back, there will still be nations. families. tribes. God set it all up that way to protect us from ourselves. Respect, borders, rules, principles, laws---these are so that we can live in peace and harmony. Sin is the problem, and Jesus solved that problem, too. But, that involves trusting Him, and not just for eternity, but daily we trust Jesus to help us overcome temptations, and not sin against one another but do our jobs as unto Him. Because we will give an account on how we lived and what we did with all He gave us--talents, time, money, love, opportunities.

I am repelled by the burka clad. I see the burka as oppressive and abusive to women. offensive. When I see a burka or muslim all scarfed up, I see someone in slavery believing a lie abused by the men in her life. Oh to have the courage to tell them that, lovingly. Oh, to trust Jesus what to say to these shrouded ladies.

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Bob said...

It's a high price to pay, but maybe the massacre at Fort Hood will finally bury the notion that Islam is a "religion of peace". Of course there'll always be fools who insist on denying the obvious (fools like the current President of the United States), but even CNN is beginning to point out that the radicals seem to be in control of Islam.