Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vererans Day 2009

Blackfive was fussing at different blogs for not highlighting Veterans Day. But, our press and even folks at church mix Veterans Day with Memorial Day. I should be glad they pause to remember our soldiers twice a year. And who can separate the dead from the living because of what happened at Fort Hood last week? Not me. The grieving families wailing by the pictures of their fallen loved ones, and the soldiers on crutches giving each that slow salute of respect...

Happy Veterans Day to my Sweetie! When I met and married you over thirty years ago, you wore those starched green uniforms that would stand by themselves like boards against the wall. At our wedding, you wore the fancy "dress blues". And now, two of our sons wear military uniforms to work every day...future veterans forever, too.

It sure was a surprise last night to call Amber and find out our son had come out of the field a day early. Here we thought we'd be cheering her up, and she had already received the best gift ever.


Mrs. JP said...

What great news. Thanks to your family of Veterans - we deeply appreciate your sacrifice and service. Our prayers will be with you and yours. As a fellow military mom I know that anytime your son can be home is just the best.

Amber said...

I loved being able to call you and talk to you when James was in the field (especially when I was scared) Thank you. James suprised me too. I am so grateful for our past and future Veterans.Thank you for being a Veterans wife :)