Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day

Okay. I am confused. Who owns blue? And red?

Better question to ask---which candidate represents conservative values? Morals !

Bob and I went over the ballot last night. It took hours. Because, here in Texas, our legislature only meets every other year. And they somehow decided these eleven amendments were so important that they need to be voted on by three precent of the population in on "off" year election.

The wording on the amendments are enough to make your eyes cross. I was all for voting AGAINST all of them just because our legislators are idiots and worded them so poorly. And a few look like we are voting on the changes to the constitution to help a small group here or there. Please.

Bob is more compassionate as he knows Texas history and the plague it suffered during reconstruction after the civil war.

But, if I happen to run into a real, live legislator---I may give them a piece of my mind. Seriously? These eleven amendments are so earth shattering that you decided to spend millions of dollars?? They could not wait until the next election? Seriously? Two of the amendments don't even have opposition. Well, aren't we all just getting along down there in Austin. Snark.

The State of Texas website has a section to help you discern the amendments. Good luck. Hard to read. Harder still to understand. No explanation from the ones who put it forward. Some are merely reactions to a what if...

Okay. I will trot over to our polling place. I think they will be surprised at the turnout. I think they will be amazed that we are fed up with their stupid spending. My "mood" is angry. Do I think the Arlington schools are doing a good job and deserve to have MORE money thrown at them? Seriously?

And on the website---under libertarian, there is an astounding video of our legislators voting for each other. Time to smack that down. Ethics?? Hello. Caught on video punching the voting buttons on all the desks within their reach. Den of vipers.

http://www.lptexas.org/ Scroll down, and take a look. It is a You Tube video. They are breaking the rules right in front of us!

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Mrs. JP said...

You go girl! I'll be your "amen" section :) It's truly a sad state of affairs we are in and sadder still that we have so little control anymore. I'm glad you voted though - we didn't have one in TN and for that I am thankful.