Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Local Soldier Injured


Just back from his second tour.
Planning on going to Officers Candidate School.
Soon to be married.
Shot four times, including one in the head.

Please pray for our local hero. And please pray that our military man up and not be afraid to find these radical muslims who put their sick religion of islam above their country. The problem is islam.

the only reason there are supposidly "moderate" muslims is because they refuse to read their own koran, and/or they pick and choose what they want to believe from their own koran. or maybe they have never read it.

Listen to the radical imams---they are not "crazy". They take their koran literally. They think they are obeying allah.

As Christians, I take our Bible literally. Our Bible teaches capital punishment. Consequences. Our Bible teaches that life is precious and THOU SHALL NOT MURDER. What part of THOU SHALL NOT MURDER do you not understand?? Our Bible teaches that soldiers should do their job as unto the Lord. Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar means pay your taxes. Take care of the widow, orphan, hungry. Be good stewards. Show respect and pray for the authorities God put in place over you---mayor, governor, president. Don't beat your wife. Don't make your children bitter. And know that Jesus Christ came just like He promised, died for all the sins of the whole world, and is coming back to set everything right. Our Bible teaches that God loves the world so much that He sent His Own Son that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life. Our Bible teaches that our God invented and respects free will. And God set in motion the Divine Institutions of free will, marriage, family and nation to preserve and protect the human race. Our Bible teaches that sin is harmful to you. Don't do it. And sin has consequences.

Now, what does the Koran teach? What did hasan believe? What did he act on?

Our country was founded on Biblical principles. Not sharia law. Not the koran.

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