Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lunch with my Husband!

Rare day...rare thing. Bob called and said he had a meeting in Keller, or near Keller and the nascar race track up there north of Fort Worth. He'd be on the 11:20am train and how about we meet for lunch at the Chick-fil-A off 820 and Precinct Line Road??!! Indeed.

Good thing I came home from Walmart when I did. I got most of the ingredients for the mincemeat recipe at Walmart, and ran into my friend who is braver than I and said she had rum for rum cakes, and the mincemeat recipe calls for rum or brandy. I wonder if it matters. And I found the SARAH PALIN book at Walmart, too! Yippeee! I'd much rather Walmart get the profit than the liberal snooty stores like Barnes and Navel or Amazon. Wow---little girl pictures of Sarah look like her youngest daughter.

So, Bob and I ate lunch together...a rare thing since he works downtown Dallas. Fun. Fun.

Now to clean the celery and put the rest of the Walmart groceries away.

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