Thursday, July 24, 2008

100 degree days here in Texas

Hot ! Hot ! Hot ! And it is depressing. Maybe, I need to focus on the positive.

I am thankful for AC. (How did folks survive these summers one hundred years ago??)

I am thankful for two or three showers a day. Plenty of clean towels, and fresh, clean water. I am thankful for clean, dry clothes, and a fancy washer and dryer to feed.

My quest this week has been trying to find those blank Texas themed cards to use for snail mail. I bought some a couple of weeks ago at Walmart, and used up the last one and thought that every Walmart carried them. Wrong. It took my third try at the third Walmart I frequent to stumble upon them. They are so much cheaper than Hallmark cards, and lots of blank space inside to write my own greetings. I bookmarked the website this time: And placed an order for more cards on sale for fifty cents online !!! Fifty cents for a birthday card, anniversary card !!! Can't beat that. Displayed in a wooden case a few rows back from the cards at Walmart near the new Cowboy stadium, the cards feature beautiful bluebonnets, Texas flags, and one card has bluebonnets in a Blue Bell Ice Cream tub. Texas critters and Texas skylines for the more manly needed greetings like armadillos and fancy license plates. I am now ready for any event needing a card.

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