Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Three Boys Filled the House !!!

Wow--yesterday, I was in Aunt Joyce heaven. I got to babysit my three nephews. It was fun. When my dear sister-in-law called, I should have run to the store and stocked up. I had a grocery list ready, but Aunt Joyce got caught with a very empty frig. The boys did not seem to mind peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And I pulled out a package of provolone cheese. That was a big hit. Food in huge circles---just right for boys.

And it was too hot to play outside except to play in the sprinkler. That was fun. And the grass needed it. Brothers are funny in that they'd prefer to play WITH (torture) their brothers. Crimping the hose, or chasing a brother around the yard to give him a shower was much more fun that playing in the sprinkler by yourself and having the whole backyard to yourself.

Certain DVDs were declared, "too babyish" but BABE, the story about the talking pig was a hit. I love the music, and beautiful scenery of the movie. But, little guys don't stay glued to it for long.

I used to keep the nephews a lot. Especially when they were babies, it was fun to give their parents a break. They don't remember that, and were not real sure how we were all related. I had not seen them since May when our middle son accepted his commission.

It is so funny what little kids reveal. It would probably mortify their parents just how much they know and observe. And simple things---like how they love their momma's sweet coffee, but dad is more of a tea man. I have pictures of our grown boys on the walls, and those pictures sure came in handy for answering all their questions. They were fascinated with the old toys I pulled out and how we have two of most toys---like two Thomas the Tank trains, two Gordons, two sets in the huge Brio set. I tried to explain that we used to have two little boys (only 14 months apart in age) and they had a big brother and just like in the Toy Story movie, our boys wrote their names on the bottom of toys. The nephews enjoyed playing with Buzz and Woody. Some puppets and some action figures. It was so cute to hear the little make believe dramas that the nephews would enact with their daddy as the hero. I wonder if my brother knows how much they adore their dad.

When applying Balneol to a rash on one nephew's behind, I dripped some on the carpet. He looked at me in horror, and asked if I was in trouble. Too cute. And the nephews were fascinated with my huge flabby arms. I tried to just repeat what Joy Nash says in her You Tube videos, "people come in all shapes, colors and sizes."

Questions. Questions. Questions. And sometimes from ALL three of them at once. Their momma and daddy must be worn out mentally and physically at the end of the day. And I forgot that little boys, ages 8, 6 and 3 are not so good about putting the seat up...

Aunt Joyce is not very with it when it comes to video games. The nephews tried to bring me up to speed, but I could not get all the characters straight. And why is it that even when you have baskets of toys, the one your brother is holding is THE one you want. I have forgotten so much.

The nephews are so intelligent, and articulate, and smart. They don't miss a thing, and challenged me when I used a word they did not know. We have been so blessed to live close by and watch them grow. I keep telling their folks that these years will fly by and then their house will be too ours. Today they fly north and go visit Grandpa John and get to see the eagles on his island. Grandpa John is SO going to enjoy these three very inquisitive, very active, very fun BOYS !

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Bob said...

What! You dripped lotion on the carpet? You are in soooo much trouble!