Thursday, July 24, 2008


Middle son tells us that listening to us play Scrabble is like watching paint dry. Bob suggested that maybe he meant listening to paint dry?? But, no, middle son says that is quieter. But, it is not every night that I fill Bob's tummy with yummy steak, and whup his behind at Scrabble. Tonight I laid a word across two double words scores. Whoop. I have started storing the calculator under the board within easy reach. Nineteen times four---Bob does it in his head so quick.

Maybe we need to take a picture of our Scrabble board after a game and post them online ! Wouldn't that be fun ! Tonight, Bob started the game with OVA. Yikes. I made it OVATIONS just to stretch out the board a little and give us more options. Bob bingo-ed twice with PATHOGEN and UNRULED. It was easy to add an S to his PATHOGEN, but a more fun addition came when I saw that I could add an N to TOW and made TOWN and DEFAMING.

It never ceases to amaze me that each board looks different. I did add AMAZED to a triple, too !
And I got rid of that pesky J with REJOINED on a triple word score. 396 to 311


Bob said...

I had no idea that our Scrabble blow-by-blow narratives were boring until the young lieutenant told us "It's like watching paint dry." (I still say he needs some work on his similes despite his astute point that drying paint has the advantage of silence.)

But your color commentary on the blog really spices it up -- ai'm sure everyone is on the edge of their seats begging "Please! Please! Tell us more!" Maybe we should consider all-Scrabble-blogging-all-the-time. That way we'll see who our real readers are.

joyce said...

My want list has items in all caps and little numbers by the larger scoring letters. MILK is my highest scoring item/word so far...