Thursday, July 3, 2008

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
This year I’m fifty-two
And, next year fifty-three
(rhymes better)

And Bob and I trade this year in that I was born in ’56 and he turned 56. And he was born in ’52 and now I am 52. Should be easy to remember how old I am. Ha

My folks called and sang to me already this morning.

When I was a little girl, I thought the fireworks were just for me. My Grandpa would take me to this fireworks extravaganza at the old stadium in Champaign, Illinois. And I thought that fireworks and my birthday went together.

I don’t remember getting a good watermelon last year, but the first one I picked out at Walmart yesterday was good. It sure was heavy. And thankfully, it had this tough skin rind as it rolled around the back of the minivan trunk area. I had hemmed it in with one of the seats which collapse into the spot, but I should have collapsed the bigger one making a smaller square to contain it.

And I am sure you have all heard the news, Walmart is dropping the dash. So, the way I have been spelling it for years is finally correct.
Big parade in town tomorrow, but since it is suppose to get up to 97 degrees, we will probably wimp out on going to that this year. When our boys were in the local high school marching band, we went to the parade probably six years in a row. I’ll never forget the year that my folks were holding the double plastic couch over their heads during a rain shower and the chair got heavy with rainwater and when they dumped it out, causing a mini waterfall. It was so funny.

We have pictures of our boys when they were toddlers sitting in their chairs watching the parade. The expressions on their faces show a mixture of fear and awe looking up at the firetrucks and clowns.

What do I want for my birthday? More pictures of the grandbaby. A grannie cannot get enough pictures.

And Bob’s meeting got cancelled, so he gets to stay home and play with me. Yipeee!!!!!!!!

Update: Bob gave me a pedicure, and a haircut 'round the ears, and I gave him a haircut, and he gave the back yard a haircut. And we enjoyed the silly movie, "Get Smart" and since it is hot as blazes, we enjoyed just poking around on our computers today improving our minds.

Thanks to all who called---my folk get the earliest prize, James, and Mary and Andy and Benjamin. And a few "unknowns" on the caller ID thingy. We finished off the watermelon. And have watched the doves try to get into the squirrel-proof birdfeeder. Must be the peanuts in this mix that is attracting squirrels and doves? And thanks for all the emails--Nance and James... The pictures of you repelling are great !


Bob said...

And James even has his patriotic Superman underwear on.

Triplet303 said...

Happy Birthday Joyce! Sorry this is late....went to work to help the resident watch the fireworks display at the fairgrounds which is just across the street from the nursing home.