Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dark Knight

Saturday, I went with Bob to the Dark Knight movie. We attended the 11am showing at our local Rave. (Even though the Rave website is still no help at all as to when shows start.) Thirty minutes of ad and previews on top of a two and half hour movie seemed excessive, but it was an exciting and intense movie.

I usually do not enjoy these kind of movies, but since the boys have all flown the nest, and I knew Bob wanted to see it, and I had read conservative bloggers talking about how good it was, I was curious.

Metaphors. I agree with Bob, that this movie is full of metaphors. I wonder if the writers and director intended that?? The movie is making millions. $300 million in its first 10 days. Blowing out of the water all other movies by making more than the top ten combined. When will Hollywood get the message that we enjoy seeing bad guys get blown away by the good guys. And that there are such things as morals, good and evil, and while no one is perfect, talking to a crazy terrorist doesn't get 'er done.

A few things disturbed me. When attending a fancy party with like minded people, and a crazy guy shows up, the odds are that if a few jump him, someone might get hurt, but the majority will be protected. Take a clue from the church in Tennessee today---three guys jump the shooter and tackle him to the ground. Heroes in my book.

And I hope this movie does not give our terrorist enemies any ideas---implanting bombs inside live criminals. Please think twice about giving criminals their "rights" when it comes time to let them have their phone call. Check out the number first, why don't you.

And would the squeamish women put on their big girl pants and get a clue that sometimes you have to meet fire with fire. Let's learn how to raise warriors and men and women who can do covert operations.

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Bob said...

Hollywood will never grasp that the "Jokers" of this world (Islamic terrorists) only respect force that's more terrifying than themselves. Treating terrorists as criminals (as the bleeding hearts would have us do) only enables and emboldens them. You have to hunt them down as you would any rabid animal.