Friday, July 18, 2008

Homemade Ice Cream for Breakfast

I have been mulling the thought of homemade ice cream. I found PROMISED LAND cream in the 14 ounce plastic bottle at the fancy store---an item our Kroger and Tom Thumb swore they could ONLY get at Christmas. Right.

What are the elements of ice cream? There is that Boy Scout ice cream-in-a-baggie-of-ice recipe. But, that sounds messy---potentially ruined, as some recipes warn of dire things if the bags leak or break.

But, the whole idea---mixing it to break up the ice crystals while the cream sets--hum. I wondered how this would work if all you had was a blender. So, I took out the bottom basket in the freezer (we have a side-by-side) and fixed a bowl of ice with salt sprinkled on it. Into the blender I placed the PROMISED LAND cream, a splash of milk, brown sugar (we don't even have white sugar in the house since the boys moved out) a teaspoon of kosher salt, a dash of coffee, and whirled. Then I set the blender part with the handle (not the motor) into the bottom of the freezer in a bowl of salt water ice cubes. And set the timer for 10 minutes. Every 10 minutes, I take it out and stir/pulse/whirl. What fun !

I could add eggs, but I want to stick with a recipe that would be kid-friendly. Grandbaby friendly, to be precise.

My Mother will not be surprised, but it is fun to give it a taste and see what it needs---and I am eye-ing those frozen cantaloupe pieces. Won't Bob be surprised when he gets home for supper.

Someday, we may break down and get a ice cream maker. But, ours is a small house, and I don't need any more gadgets. And the tee-tiny ones I have seen that fit in your freezer don't make enough to bother, nor can you experiment. I remember my Mom used to add a junket packet---but what strange chemical is that?? I'd rather keep it free of preservatives and hooves.

Time to put it on the blender motor!!!

Update: Yes, frozen fruit did the trick. Used up some not-so-sweet cantaloupe, and finished bringing the ice cream to a good thickness. I divided the mixture and put some plain in a bowl for Bob for later, and "tested" the cantaloupe ice cream, and wow---I won't need lip stick, as it leaves a very creamy layer on your lips. And I'd better wash off the tail-tell globs off my face and glasses which occurred when I peered into the blender without the lid to see if it was mixing, and the blender burped. If someone asks what I ate for breakfast---cantaloupe and cream... Looks like tiny bits of butter were forming on the blender blades. I am over fifty years old, and now I can say I have made homemade ice cream and butter. Not that my figure needs either one. Ha.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun morning! I would never have thought of making ice cream that way. Maybe some time I will give it a try :-). --Your far east neice

joyce said...

Some of the recipes I googled only used milk instead of cream. I just love experimenting. You can amaze your children !

Bob said...

Pretty good stuff, dear. Heavy but good.