Friday, July 11, 2008

When God Speaks

I just love Quickverse. Its a Bible study aid online. Mine is New American Standard, but you can get one in almost any version. It is so easy to type in a word or phrase and see how many times it appears in the Bible.

God said... appears 46 times in 46 verses. 46/46
The Lord said... 233/232
God spoke ... 12/12
The Lord spoke... 133/133
The Word of the Lord... 256/254
...declares the Lord. 346/336
...says the Lord 502/494
Jesus said 116/116
Jesus spoke 9/9
Jesus answered ... 62/62
He said... 315/300

How else it worded when God speaks?


Bob said...

I've looked and not once does the Bible say, "Thus sayeth Bob..." or "Bob spake ...".

What a glaring omission!

jennifer said...

"And a voice" like when He said This is my son of whom I am well pleased... does that count? Is it even right? I didn't check in my Bible.

And I LOVE the NAS version of the Bible. My Dad is a King James purist and I find that annoying for some reason.

God speaks to a man's heart, He is the One who has to reveal the Truths of His word, so, couldn't He decide which version would work?

Sorry. I didn't really mean to go there.

Be blessed Joyce.


joyce said...

Thank you, Jennifer, for your encouraging comments. I am being hounded by strange creatures that actually want to argue about what God says. I am so thankful God helps me believe His Words literally and I tremble for them.