Sunday, July 20, 2008

Huge Cones of Yarn

Huge cones of cotton yarn arrived in the mail on Saturday evening from my dear friend in Ennis. We had each mailed each other a box on Friday. I sent her knitted dishrags. And she sent me yarn to make more and money for postage. Wow. One lady she knows down there wants twenty in "shaded denim". It is a pretty, soothing color. I am trying to remember to keep track on the inside of the cardboard cone with little marks exactly how many one of these huge cones make. A regular ball of yarn, solid color makes two. These cones sure feel heavier than a pound. (it saith pound on the label)

Three down, and seventeen to go. I am glad my friend is finding all the dishrags I knit good homes down there in Ennis.

And we played a couple of games of Scrabble today since Bob was done with his Sunday School lesson. The word, JAWBONED, lays across two triples very nicely for 153 points. At first, I was going to be happy to just lay JAW on one triple in the upper left hand corner, but then I saw the opportunity to make it a compound word. Bob bingo-ed with SARDINES during the first game.

We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. And McDonald's premium salads for supper. Chick-fill-you-up salads are better, and bigger, but Chick-fill-you-up is not open on Sunday.


Bob said...

Yarn and Scrabble blogging makes rivetting prose -- especially if you can weave (croche?) all the words on the Scrabble game into it.

joyce said...

Yes, and I forgot to write whatall we ate for breakfast---eggs and toast, and how eating such a big breakfast kinda killed our appetite for lunch. Next we will be blogging our bowel movements. Or, complain about our one-hundred degree days.

Bob said...

103 today, but tomorrow promises to be cooler -- only 99 I hear.