Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bats !!

Two little bats are patrolling our street here in Texas at 6:11am. The sun is not up, but the sky is light enough to seem them swooping up and down the street. Hope they eat lots and lots of mosquitoes. They are smaller than sparrows in body but maybe a little longer wing span. I wonder where they nest around here. Maybe someone has a bat house. And hey, the Batman movie comes out tonight. One reviewer says its pretty gory. Too violent for children, but will parents keep their kids away?


Bob said...

The violence didn't keep our kids away, did it? (Of course, they aren't so little now either.)

joyce said...

It is definitely a "guy" movie. I wonder if anyone makes the parallels of crazy, insane criminals to crazy, insane terrorists? And what is with the silly girl comments from reviewers who do not like it when the good guys have to use deception?? Haven't they heard of covert operations?