Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Target McDonalds

I'm a Walmart gal. But, this morning I needed to venture into Target in order to procure the gift for the upcoming birthday buddy's baby shower. I know Target and Walmart are just trying to save money by keeping their thermostats at 80 degrees, but I sweat easily at 80 degrees, and come home needing another shower. Yikes. I think it was cooler outside, and there is a breeze outside.

The post office is another one that keeps their temps way too high. But, I braved the machine today as the line was too long. And I was mailing stuff to our Sunday School secret pals and did not want grief about no return address. I just hope they get delivered.

Now about McDonalds. I like their cute little glass old-timey coke glasses they are giving away with a meal. Last time, I received fries WITHOUT salt and they tasted so good, I ordered them this way. I was fully prepared if they argued that they did not do fries that way, that I had enjoyed them that way last time. But, there was NO argument. I spoke no salt into the speaker, and at first she thought I meant no tartar sauce, as that is what appeared on the screen. But, I said, no, I like tartar sauce, its the fries I want no salt upon. And they did it. Yipeee !!! It says "designer" on my receipt. I could hear them yelling "no salt" from the lady who takes your order over her headset to the guys who make the fries. This local McDonalds is usually super heavy on the salt. So, this is great. Now to remember to order it thataway next time.

I like Chick-fill-you-up salads. But, our Chick-fill-you-ups are across town. I will make a special trip but try to wait until we are over that way to save gas. I saw a story the other day about a guy who lost weight eating McDonald's salads. One of these days I will have to try one. They do feature Newman's Own salad dressing which is yummy. Anybody tried the McDonald's salads??


jennifer said...

Mc Donalds salad is good, but Burger King's grilled chicken salad is EXCELLENT! The chicken is tender and, well, just good! I don't eat salad dressing - I don't like it - so I can't vouch for that.

and Zaxby's has a great salad but MAN it is expensive!


joyce said...

What/Who are Zaxby's??