Monday, July 7, 2008


I put it off too long. Time for some housework. So, I vacuumed, and then dis-assembled the washable filter. Yuck. But, good to go for next time. And I mopped the kitchen floor. Those cheap $5 plastic foam shoes from Walmart are great for keeping your grip on a slippery kitchen floor. And I cleaned toilets, and the sheets and blanket from the bed are in the washer and dryer. Even the dishwasher is humming. See, even though I was tempted to hire a maid, I got'er done. And because its just the two of us now, it'll stay clean a little while. Ha.

I sure miss our boys. Andy is busy with his own now, and James sounded kinda down last night, and no word from Ben since my birthday.

I can hear the washer beeping.

update: clean sheets tonight, dearest, so you know what that means !

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Bob said...

You mean I have to take a shower -- again? It's only been two weeks!