Sunday, April 26, 2009

We Watched Galaxy Quest Again.

We had to show Amber. We quote it all the time. And seeing it will help Amber understand random lines James seems to grab out of thin air. I still get choked up at the end. It is cute. A few scary parts, but I know when they are coming so I can go start the washer or feed the dryer or something. Ha. Galaxy Quest and The Dish are two movies we watch over and over as a family. Tim Allen shoulda gotten an oscar for the scenes when he is describing what an actor is---pretending, deception, fake. The bad guy tries to kill them all anyway, so Tim Allen saves the day later... But, when your friends are being tortured, it is hard to resist evil.

No Pleides/Moon/Mars conjunction for us tonight. Too cloudy.

Bob had a good Sunday School lesson this morning. The logic was lost on two ladies sitting behind me. But, sadly, ladies, myself included, depend on feelings instead of logic most times.

The church sermon was on the history of the translations. We need reminding that men died getting us the English version of the Bible. Oh, how the Roman Catholic church fought a version in the "vulgar" language of the people. Even though Jesus spoke the common language of his day as well as Hebrew. Even though.

We have so many choices, and many versions of the Bible are free online. We don't even have to dust the Bible off that is sitting on our shelves. It is at our fingertips. But, some feel strongly about different versions. And some think it is a crime the way the NIV, for example, was translated. If it misleads, if it leads astray, then okay, it is bad. But, only when one studies from an application version, do you get into trouble and miss a lot.

What needs to be emphasized, in my opinion, is the MIRACLE that for over 4,000 years, God has kept His Word pure and available to us. 4,000 for the Old Testament, and 2,000 years for most of the New Testament. What little variances between the translations or versions---little points of punctuation do not detract from the message, the timelessness, and accuracy of God's Word. That is amazing.

Word meanings change through the centuries. Sometimes they flip completely to the opposite meaning. Some words die out. And yet God's Goodness and Love shine through. And when we get to heaven, and meet the brave men like Tindell, and men that died getting the English version into circulation, we will be able to thank them, and let them know they did not die in vain.

I get so frustrated at our "praise songs" because they incorporate so little of the actual words of scripture. Themes, yes. Ideas, yes. Doctrines. Concepts. But, we need to memorize Scripture, and what better way than putting it to song? For some reason, we are not given the tunes David wrote. Just the words, of some of his Psalms.

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