Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Day

Drinking lots and lots of tea today, and watching the coverage on Brietbart TV online of the Tea Parties across the country. Glen Beck's party looks good in San Antonio. Media bias abounds.

Vacuumed, laundry. Talked to the grandchild on the phone. Firstborn said that groundhogs are plentiful on the base and when the granchild spotted one, "fox!" Was what the grandchild called it. So, we talked about how groundhogs have holes, airplanes have hangars, and cars have garages. And little grandchildren have houses to go home to to see MOM! The grandchild repeats the last word of everything you say. Too cute. "Say bye-bye, Grannie"

Found Benito a half-priced Easter basket at Walmart with a rubber soccer ball inside. He asked for a marker to put his name on it, but his mom took the marker away. So, he showed up at my door again asking for another, but I said no. Mom must have taken it away for a reason.

Soon, Bob will be home. Then church tonight: the more informal Bible study.


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