Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

What a wonderful day! It helps to get up before dawn, because then you have time for a nap before church!!! Nothing better than a nap before church. It helps the disposition. It aids in digestion. It helps energize you for the lunch marathon to come. Silly me decided yesterday that steaks would be easy. Ha. And I should have bought strawberries for snacking instead of trying to use up nine apples. The apple crisp took hours to bake. And the kids were wanting to leave by then. But, I did get all those apples used up, and as a secret ingredient, put a dent in my McDonald's maple syrup stash. (I prefer honey on my pancakes, but I just could not throw the maple syrup away---can't waste food, you know!)

I guess its my ears, because the music at church was aweful. Awe--in how many they packed on the stage with their microphones, and music stands. or maybe that was the "full" part. I think the rain kept many at home. It was a big crowd, but not overwhelming like some Easter/Christmas/Mother's Day nod-to-God crowds. Maybe the awe(add expletive of your choice) was in the choice of the songs---rocking, hard to know when to join in, or just poor doctrine in the songs. Oh, well. The music is worse at other churches we have attended, so I guess it is just my ears. I wonder what God thought of the song service. I wish He'd tell us it is bad and needs to be changed before just ripping the church out with a tornado.

Tornadoes, wildfires, the weather---seem so random. Some of the wildfires were set, and I hope they find the criminals. But, the wind and the rain---a blessing for some, and a curse to others caught in a flood or extremes.

Amber and James and Ben came over for lunch. And Andy and Lauren called from their car---so we all talked and sang to the grandchild. Then the house got real quiet after everyone left. Bob took a nap, and I did, too. I am very thankful Bob filled the dishwasher for me after lunch. He noted that we used almost every pot, pan and dish we had. Ha.

A full load is humming away again---things that did not fit into the first one, and some dessert dishes. I was not sure yesterday who all was coming, and as we are flexible, I tried to get things that would work no matter who/what. I wish I had gotten some Easter candy for decoration---but Easter candy does not last long around here. Benito brought me a carnation and a red rose. He was happy to take away a little orange. I had given him jelly beans yesterday, and he reported that they tasted good. It said something about coldstone ice cream flavors on the package, and so I wondered about them.

I got so sweaty-drippy during lunch. More exercise than I am used to, I don't know. The house was nice and cool. And I had windows open for the smoke. But, it is embarrassing to be serving food with sweat dripping off your nose. I need to learn to delegate better.

Maybe I should have skipped church and gotten the apple crisp in the oven sooner...
Maybe I am looking for an excuse to ship the "music" portion of the service.

But, it was fun to see eveyrone and hear from Andy and Lauren and the grandbaby, and the skies cleared, and it is looking like a beautiful spring day. At 5am this morning, there was lightning and storms and heavy rain. That swirl may come on back and get us later. A storm that started over the four corners area, and gave us quite a show. We needed the rain, and Oklahoma especially needed the rain to put out the wildfires for good.

More later...


Bob said...

I should have been able to figure out the "secret ingredient".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lunch :) it was great! I loved the apple treat!