Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, the day after the first Sunday after Passover

If we were Jewish, we'd start counting fifty days until Pentecost.

After Jesus arose, He walked and talked with folks for forty days. He appeared to the disciples, and the women, and thousands. He arranged a BBQ fish breakfast beside the Sea of Galilee. He gave the disciples instructions to tell the world that He had come, died, and rose again. That is the Good News. The Gospel. And when He ascended forty days later, He gave them specific instructions to wait for the Holy Spirit ten days later. He was sending the Holy Spirit as our Helper. The Holy Spirit would help them spread the Good News. And at a time only God the Father knows, God the Son, Jesus will come back. We are to live our lives looking. Ready. It could be today. It could be a thousand years from now.

This time, the disciples obeyed. This time they met where they were suppose to, and received the Holy Spirit. This time they knew. And believed. And they started performing miracles that pointed to Jesus as the Messiah. This made the authorities mad, and they beat the disciples and threw them in prison. But, the disciples were not afraid this time. And Christianity was born.

Today, back in 33 AD or was it 30 AD, doubting Thomas doubted no more.

And the two men on the Road to Emaus marveled at the greatest sermon every heard---where Jesus Himself, freshly arisen, explained Himself starting with Moses and the prophets.

The First and Only One to rise from the dead walked and talked and ate with His friends.

Someday, we too, will rise from the dead and walk and talk and eat with Jesus. Jesus showed it can be done. It is just a matter of time. Right now, Jesus is seated at the Right Hand of God the Father. Praying for us. Waiting for that perfect time to come back and collect us. Then He will set everything right. He will rule the earth for one-thousand years after the seven years of the tribulation. Just as He promised. Just as the prophets foretold.

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