Friday, April 24, 2009

Comments on another sad day in Iraq

Another double suicide bomber--females kill 60, injure 125.

And who do the Iraqis blame? The USA for not providing security. Amazing.

What would drive women to do this? Living a life of dispair? Raped? Living in a country where your religion hates women and treats them as second class citizens.

What is sad to me---the poor victims, who survived a murdering dictator, war, strife, loss, and then to die murdered by your own religious fanatics who have somehow convinced women there is no hope. There is something seriously wrong with your religion that murders innocents.

May I reccommend the Toby Keith interview at the National Press Club? Worth the listen!!!

One question catches Toby off guard when he is asked whether soldiers coming back are dangerous. Why is one bad apple trotted out as a reflection on the millions? 99.99999 of our soldiers come back and make excellent citizens---hardworking, patriotic, raising wonderful families. The press and present administration dwell on one nut as a reflection on all. Let us turn this around on them. Their jaundiced view reflects all the press and all politicians.

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