Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ben-Ben dropped by!

Ben had a delivery to make at a trade show, so he was on the clock from 7am until 10am. Then he dropped by our house for a visit. And we fed him a late breakfast and got caught up on his news. He has two male kittens that are over a year old now, and starting to fight. He says the fur really flies sometimes. They were litter mates, and kept each other company growing up. They are strictly indoor cats. Ben says they jump each other, while one is using the litter box, or eating.

And we talked about that windy day. Ben said they have to tie off the ladder to the roof when it is windy. Yikes.

He liked the t-shirts I found for him at Walmart that were not too snarky.

James left to spend the day with Amber about thirty minutes before Ben dropped by.

And Benito just dropped by. I had some cookies and some playing cards for him. We cleaned out a drawer the other day, and found some playing cards that still looked new, and asked Ben if he wanted them, but Ben said no. They might entertain Benito for a little while.

I wonder if Andy is watching cartoons with the grandchild this morning??

Bob is working on his Sunday School lesson. So, I need to be good (quiet). This is hard because when I have a thought, it is out my mouth...

Amber and James came over at 3pm. Wonderful visit!!!

I baked up the rest of the cookie dough Cynthia gave me--gave them to James and Amber to take away. I am glad they like them. Good hot.

It got above 82 degrees inside, so we shut the windows and turned on the AC since Bob is studying. It is hot outside, and the cool front is stalling up by W. Falls.

Jay called---bragging about what a hard and good worker Ben is. How Ben will go far. How Ben will do fine. That was encouraging. Everyone is tired of hearing me say it out loud---that Ben is so much like my brother, Jay, that that has given me hope for many years...that Ben will do fine.

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